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If your event invite includes add-to-calendar functionality your chance is up to 5x higher that people take a note. And people are generally 30‑80% more likely to attend an event if it is in their calendar.

Events easily get into any calendar

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Convenient to Use

We help you deliver great user experience to your audience & attendees - online & offline

More Event Attendees

We help you make your event easier to remember and harder to forget - resulting in better event attendance

Measured Interest

We keep an eye on every calendar download so you can make plans on solid numbers

You can use it for any type of event



Online & Web

It works for just about anything that should be in a calendar...!

Why Add-to-Calendar works

Up to 90%

About 70-90% of a typical event audience use one or more digital calendars on a day-to-day basis.

8 out of 10

Within the last year 8 out of 10 people have missed to attend an event because they forgot about it.

1 Minute 23 Seconds

A test group with common online experience needed 1 min. 23 sec. on average to manually add event details to their calendar vs. 12 seconds with EventFellows.

Event details received by email/ EventFellows Calendar Links directly embedded

Over 3/4

In 77% of the time no action is taken when an email is opened the first time. More than half of these are never opened again.

If sender is not recognized by recipient: 87%

Information overflow

The majority of people with a white-colar job receive between 40 and 200 emails per day. They receive 17x more information in written form than their brain can process.

How is EventFellows different?

  • It simply works - even with different operating systems, software versions and on mobile
  • 100% flexible - use in any media without pre-conditions
  • Totally simple to use - absolutely no programming skills required
  • Around the world - handles different timezones and DST* conversions automatically
  • Analytics included - get real-time feedback on user interest in your event
  • Upside only - improves customer convenience with no downside
DST: Daylight Saving Time

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Albert Einstein, 1879-1955

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FAQ - frequently asked questions

In case the question on your mind is not answered here, please do not hesitate getting in contact with us.

Can I try it before I have to sign up?

Yes. You can create a test event here. It has limited functionality but you can see how it works in general. Please be aware that test events are only published for a limited amount of time and should never be used to communicate an event to your audience.

Is the Forever Free Plan really free?

Yes. The Forever Free Plan is absolutely free. No credit card required. You can use it as long as you like for private or commercial use. There are no hidden costs or fees.

How long are the contracts?

There are no long-term contracts. You can upgrade, downgrade or cancel your subscription at any time without any cancellation period in your account dashboard. You can continue to use your account until the end of the period you have paid for.

What are the requirements?

Not many - it is really simple. You must be able to use a link in your communication (e.g. like And you must have access to the internet. That's it.

Does it make sense for my event?

Probably "Yes". Almost all types of events benefit from add-to-calendar options but events are so different in nature that there is no one-size-fits-all answer. We can help you estimate your use case based on past experience. Or you simply give it a try with the Forever Free Plan and see for yourself. There is nothing to lose.

What if it does not work for my event?

Don't worry, that rarely happens. But if it does, we have a 30 Day Money Back Guarantee and an Upside Only Guarantee. Also, EventFellows follows a strict 'no benefit - no cost' approach.
That means: if you share your event with 1 million people and only a handful of people use the add-to-calendar options your account gets charged for 5 users.

Where can I get additional help?

Just drop us an email and we are happy to help. We have listed our contact options for you on our contact page. Please allow up to 2 business days for us to get back (usually we are much faster).

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About EventFellows

EventFellows is a Consulting and Software Company specialized in event marketing and event communication for corporate and professional events of all sizes. We come from a business background and focus on measures with high return-on-investment (ROI) and/or high return-on-effort (your time invested) primarily for event managers, agencies and business owners. Our 'Add-to-Calendar' service has been developed with and based on customer insights. It focuses on a strong need to reduce friction in most marketing and conversion channels in the pre-event phase starting as early as the first save-the-date. After seeing dramatic impacts across different event type we have since opened it up to the public to also allow engaged individuals, social groups and others to utilize its potential.