Add-to-Calendar functionality has many use cases

We know that add-to-calendar functionality has a very broad spectrum of use cases. Quite often we see people discover new ways of using it step-by-step. Enjoy, lean back and get inspired with some example cases ...

Save the date

Fixing the date and location often is one of the very first things for any event without any details available to communicate. Sending out a 'save-the-date' and asking people to block their calendar can greatly be enhanced with a generic add-to-calendar button in your email, newsletter or website.


Are you using webinar technology and people have to register? Make sure you also catch people who are not immediately ready to 'register' with their information. They might give it a second thought when their calendar reminds them.

Thank you

Are you sending a 'Thank you' message to your attendees or customers? Why not include some further information about upcoming events...!

Dear John,
Thank you for attending our exhibition at 'ACME trade fair'. We'd love to see you around next year again. Or visit our booth at one of the other trade shows we are attending. Here are the dates for your calendar.

Up to -70% Summer Sale

This years 'summer sale' starts in a few weeks. Make sure you don't miss the start. Mark your calendar now to be the first to benefit from this year's super low prices.

Crowdfunding start

Are you preparing for a crowdfunding campaign to launch your dream business? Make sure you create enough buzz ahead of time and people have marked their calendar right when your project goes live...

Shareholders meeting

Working in a global enterprise? Help your shareholders stay on top of things with a calendar entry that has all relevant information including 'how to get there', 'what to bring to get admission' and other relevant details.

What is your use case?

Tell us about the way you apply EventFellows soltuions for your events. We award bonus credits for all users who share their individual use cases with us and allow us to share it publicly (if it is new or exiting).

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Community meeting

Spending your free time to organize some great gathering in your neighborhood? Invitations with add-to-calendar functionality give you great insights about interest and ensure people do not forget about it.

Movie start

Do you own a cinema? Make sure people get the starting date of their favorite movie right into their calendar.

Running for President?

Are you running for an election as a candidate? Add-to-calendar options help you to especially reach your own followers and ensure a high participation rate among the people that matter most to you - your own followers...

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Next time you start typing a date and time for a crowd...

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