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We were a little bit skeptical at first, but it has exceeded all our expectations. We get very good feedback from our clients and the download counter gives us an added benefit for our pre-event activities on the marketing side.

Albert Hall, SVP Customer Relations, Media Agency

It is great know in advance how big or small the customer interest is. This way I can internally better manage expectations with other stakeholders.

Anonymous, Corporate Event Manager, Barcelona, Spain

We regularly benchmark our marketing processes to improve customer satisfaction and conversion rates. EventFellows helps us to get better attention especially for mid-size and larger events from the audience. For us it works like an assistant who puts our events into the calendars of our users with great effect on marketing efforts.

Michael Murray, UK, Partner Marketing Agency, Event Expert

I feel it is just a good sign to our clients to care for their convenience, too. Many of them have terribly busy schedules.

Melanya, Assistant to Tax Attorney

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Add to calendar works great for me on my newsletter especially for special gigs in clubs. This way I get a rough idea about the size of the crowd in advance. Sometimes it even helps to convince the night club manager to run additional advertising on local radio stations.

Steven Minnings, DJ

I am so glad that Eventfellows works with our current CRM tool. I would not want to have anything in addition to learn. Our partners love the comfort and we have been recommending the tool to some people who asked us about how we do it.

Hannelore Mertens, Berlin

I know how many events I have already missed myself. It is great to have a support tool for the business marketing aspects to gain more customers.

James, Affiliate Marketer

Event attendees love the convenience, event managers fall for the early transparency about user interest.

Tom A., Online Marketing Consultant

I love it!

Jane Hinnings

I love simple tools that rock convenience for everyone - I can just recommend to try eventfellows.

Anna N. Junior Marketing Assistent

I work for a rather big leisure time sports club in our community sports center. We have started to use add to calendar buttons for our two big events per year - a summer festival with BBQ and a christmaas party in December. I have to say I get considerably fewer requests on the phone from people who are missing some of the details or forgot to note down the details.

A. Meier, Community Sports Club Member

Surprisingly simple to use, we use it on most bigger invite lists even before registration is required.

Kirsten W. - Conference Manager

I was a little unsure at the beginning but our management team pushes a strong focus on customer satisfaction in all areas. Nowadays add to calendar options are a totally natural part on any invitation that goes to more than a handful of people (and we have a lot of those).

Carol Smith, Personal Assistent to CEO

It is so unbelievable convenient. There should be a law for event managers to use it.


EventFellows has become a part in most of our event marketing strategies - for early save-the-date announcements it is a given.

Mario, Marketing Associate

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