How add-to-calendar functionality works for your event

People love convenience

People just love convenience more than anything. Getting an 'click-here-and-get-everything-noted-down-for-you' option is extremely convenient. People who like what you offer in your event will take it with gratitude.

Simplicity is convenient

Simplicity is king for user experience and engagement. The easier something is the more people will do it. People are used to 'like', 'share', 'rate' and 'shop' with just one click.

1.Create your event

Start by creating an event that tells people what you offer and include details that are relevant for attendees. Now your event is ready to go live.

Example Event in the City

Some Street 247, Mega City

October 2019

2.Share your event

Use any communication channel

You are absolutely free to use any communication that works for your audience. Just include one of the options for your event. A standard link is all you need to add.

Choose your options

Every event comes with a dedicated EventPage. From there users can directly view and download all event information to their calendar (example EventPage). Alternatively you can directly embed your calendar links into your own communication tools (simply copy + paste it).

Dear John Doe,
as you know we are planning to host another 'Example Event in the City'. We are working on the details and registration will start October 14th.
Please already mark your calendar now if you are interested.

Example Event in the City
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People see and click your event

3.People see & click your event

Passing the relevancy check

When people see your event they will screen it for personal relevancy immediately. This is where non-interested users stop and interested people consider taking the next step.

Taking action becomes only 1 click

Interested users can now take immediate action with just 1 click. They will block their calendar for you and your event.

4.Reduced uncertainty right from the beginning

As early as a first Save-the-Date

We automatically track all calendar downloads for your event. So even a first save-the-date can already yield great insights for your planning.

Use metrics that matter

Someone who puts your event in their calendar has an interest in what you offer and considers attending. There is no better early metric than calendar entries made.

Manage Event

Event: Example Event in the City


Removing barriers in event marketing and communication

5.You get more customers

First come - first served

Interested users have marked their calendar with your event. You are on their mind if they should consider another activity at an overlapping time. Only a conscious decision will kick you out.

Extremely hard to forget

Most people check their calendar ahead of time and several times daily. Once your event made it there it becomes very difficult to forget about it.

Personal preferences

People have different habits and many users have set their calendar alerts according to their own preferences. This way people get reminded in the best possible way that fits their lifestyle and preferences.

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