Your success is our motivation - guaranteed!

We know that we can only be successful if EventFellows helps you be more successful.
All paid plans are automatically covered by our satisfaction guarantee.

30 Day Money Back

We are confident that EventFellows works for your events, too. This is why we give you a 100% money back guarantee for all purchases you make for 30 days. For Professional Plans we even extend the guarantee to 60 days. No games played. If you are not happy you get your money back - No questions asked!

More People

With EventFellows there is only upside potential for your attendee numbers. If your attendee number does not increase when you use EventFellows we will give you back your credits used.

Upside Only

We do understand that business cases for events can be very different. EventFellows guarantees a positive business case for you! If EventFellows costs you more than the benefits gained through higher attendee numbers and planning accuracy we will reimburse you the difference.

Better Planning

EventFellows gives you early 'near real-time' feedback on user interest for your events. If this should fail to support your planning abilities we will give you back your credits used.

Fair Billing

EventFellows only uses credits for completed calendar downloads, not for people invited. So if EventFellows does not get used by your audience it is entirely free. Your account only gets charged to the extent it works for you.


Security is very important to us! EventFellows strictly uses 256-bit SSL-encryption for the entire webpage. We do not store your Credit Card data on our servers (we work with Stripe, a great global payment service provider and certified for PCI level 1 by the Payment Card Industry, highest certification level) and all servers are hosted with a ISO-9001 certified provider within the EU.


EventFellows knows that requirements for events can sometimes change rapidly and without advance notice. Therefore we pay extra attention to keeping our services flexible and scalable in our setup and in our subscription plans to allow you to scale up and down with your own needs.


We hate spam as much as you do. This is why we will never send any. You are always in control of what messages and notifications you want to receive from us. We even ask you to confirm your email upon initial registration to make sure nobody else can register on your behalf without you knowing it.