Perspective on EventFellows is different by user group

Benefits are perceived differently depending on user's perspective*

Business Owners

(People who have the economic benefits of events)

EventFellows Benefits for Business owners

Key focus of business owners is on gaining higher participation.

Event Managers

(People who manage preparation + event oparationally)

EventFellows Benefits for Business owners

Event managers vote most often for the transparency it gives them for planning purposes.

Event Attendees

(People who are invited to join event as participant)

EventFellows Benefits for Business owners

Event attendees mostly care about their own convenience.

* Question asked: "What ar the best benefits of EventFellows (please choose a maximum of 3)"

What do people like about EventFellows

We have grouped people into 3 groups based on their primary role they play in terms of usage of EventFellows.

  • Business Owners/ Business Management
  • Operational Event Managers
  • Event Attendees

If you are involved with EventFellows it is very likely that we will also ask you about your perspective at some point in time. Please also share your feedback with us pro-actively at any time.