EventFellows Credit Point System

EventFellows uses a very simple and transparent Credit Point System as base for managing your event activities. There are 2 types of credits: Event Credits and Download Credits.

Event Credits

You need Event Credits to create & publish regular events with EventFellows.

  • 1 Event = 1 Event Credit

Event Credits are used at the time of publishing the event independant from when the event date is.

In some cases creating events is free:

  • Creating event in draft status
  • Creating and publishing a TEST
  • Event had already been published before

Your account needs to have at least 1 Event Credit available to publish an event.

Credit Points System

Download Credits

Download Credits are needed to make sure your users can download your event to their calendar.

  • 1 Download to a Calendar = 1 Download Credit

In most scenarios you will need 1 Event Credit to create and publish the event and many Download Credits depending on the number of users who make use of the download functionality for your event.

In some cases Calendar Downloads are free:

  • The event is a TEST event
  • You download your own event when logged in
  • Another user downloads your event when logged in

If your account does not have enough Download Credits users will not be able to download your event to their calendar.

Please make sure you have enough Download Credits available before you share your EventFellows-enhanced event inviations or communication. If you are not sure please contact us in advance.

Good to know:
Download Credits are only used to the extend your audience actually uses the download functionlity.

For Example: if you use EventFellows to support an invitation of 1000 people but only 10 download the event to their calendar - that's only 10 Download Credits.

Check out our 'Fair Billing' policy

How to use Download Count for your planning

Credit Points System

You can monitor your download count for all of your events. Hover over the total 'Download Count' on the 'Manage Event' page. A popover will show you the breakdown between regular downloads (= downloads that were deducted from your Download Credits) and Free Downloads (= downloads by a logged in user like yourself).

The total Download Count can also be viewed on the 'Event Overview' on your 'Event Cockpit'.