Many Fortune 500 companies run add-to-calendar technology

Happiness for existing customers

Whether you booked a flight, registered for a webinar or just bought a ticket for a live concert - many companies use add-to-calendar technology as an added convenience in addition and as part of their core service after user buy-in.

Convenience for future customers

Many of the world's most innovative companies also use add-to-calendar options for potential future customers. The low-effort simplicity helps to convert an interested person to an existing customer or event attendee.

Remove the barrier from event marketing & communication

You got to hurry

The average span of attention in today's busy world is 6 seconds before people move on. It is paramount to spark interest and enable action the user is ready to take within that time.

Don't ask for too much

Simplicity is king. The easier your call to action is the higher the level of engagement. Asking 'Interested...? - Then add it to your calendar' is extremely easy if it is only 1 click.

Removing barriers in event marketing and communication
Removing barriers in event marketing and communication

Get started in minutes

Plug & play

No setup needed. No software installation. No plugin. There are no tools required on your side or the side of your audience. It works with what you and your customers already have.

No setup

No setup. No infrastructure. You only need to use a link to enable your own add-to-calendar functionality. All logic is handled behind the scenes when someone uses your links.

No special skills

You can just copy and paste one of the options provided. That's it. No programming. No complex configurations. You don't even have to get your IT department involved.

Metrics that matter

Use the best data

People who mark their calendar with your event are interested in what you offer. Not everyone will attend but there is no better metric to measure user interest early on - you can still ask for registrations or sell tickets at another time.

Flexible insights for any use case

You need even more fine grained control? Just create different instances of your event to communicate in different channels or to different target groups. You can even vary the level of detail you provide.

Manage Event

Event: Example Event in the City


Get started

Sign up yourself in minutes

Just create a free account, create your first event and decide who should be invited. You can always fine-tune your setup later on.

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